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As always, safety is our top priority when discussing food storage and preparation in the kitchen. One question we often receive is how long is cooked sausage good for in the fridge before it needs to be thrown away. While we’ve all been guilty of holding on to leftovers a bit too long, it’s important that we properly understand the characteristics of different foods to reduce the risk of foodborne illness. In this post, we’ll examine the typical shelf life of cooked sausage after it has been prepared or reheated, discuss factors that can impact this timeline, and provide some tips for storage to help keep your family safe.


What Are The Different Kinds Of Sausage?

Looking for some sausages to spice up your meals? Check out these different kinds that will satisfy your taste buds:

  • Bratwurst: Did you know that the first recipe for bratwurst was recorded over 700 years ago in Germany? This classic sausage is made from finely chopped meat and is perfect for grilling after simmering it in a mixture of beer, butter, and onions.
  • Salami: Originating in Italy in the 1400s, salami became popular among European peasants because it could be stored at room temperature for months. Made with pork or beef, it is fermented, cured, and air-dried. Pepperoni, a type of salami adapted for the American palate, has a signature red color and is seasoned with paprika and other spices.
  • Chorizo: From Spain and found in various varieties in former Spanish colonies, chorizo comes in Spanish and Mexican forms. The Spanish chorizo is fermented, smoked, and air-cured, while the Mexican chorizo is ground without a casing and fried. Both are made with pork and are packed with flavor.
  • Kielbasa: The Polish word for sausage, kielbasa is a versatile ingredient in Polish cuisine. In the United States, it refers to a U-shaped sausage made of cured, ground, smoked, and dried pork. Whether you’re cooking up a summer cookout or a hearty stew, kielbasa is a great choice.
  • Andouille: Originating in Germany, this coarse-grained smoked sausage gained popularity in the U.S. thanks to its use in Louisiana Cajun cuisine. The Cajun version is double-smoked and spiced with salt and red pepper. Its spicy, smoky flavor adds a kick to dishes like jambalaya and gumbo.
  • Boerewors: A South African sausage made of coarsely minced beef, boerewors is preserved with salt and vinegar and flavored with spices. This spiral-shaped sausage is a must-have at any South African cookout.
  • Longganisa: Initially spread by Spanish colonialism, longganisa has become a reinvented sausage found in multiple regions of Spain and various Latin American countries, including the Philippines. The Filipino longganisa comes in different varieties, from spicy to sweeter options, and is boiled before pan-frying.
  • Sai Oua: This spicy pork sausage hails from Thailand and is flavored with fragrant herbs and spices like lemongrass and turmeric. Its unique taste comes from the Kaeung Kua red curry paste mixed in with the meat. Don’t miss out on this standout Thai street food option.

How Long Is Cooked Sausage Good For In The Fridge?

You might be wondering how long they’re still good for. Well, turns out you can keep them in the fridge for up to 3-4 days. And if you decide to store them in the freezer, they’ll stay tasty for 2-3 months.

Factors Affecting The Shelf Life Of Sausages

Well, temperature and water play a big role. But that’s not all – the amount of bacteria in the meat and other sausage ingredients also has a say in how long they last.

How Can You Tell If A Sausage Has Gone Bad?

How Can You Tell If A Sausage Has Gone Bad?
  • Trust your nose: If your sausage smells funky, like fish or something sour, it’s time to say goodbye. Even if it’s pre-cooked, a rotten stench means it’s no longer safe to eat.
  • Keep an eye on the color: Watch out for sausages that turn gray or greenish. And if your cooked sausage starts to brown, toss it in the trash.
  • Feel the texture: If your sausage feels slimy and loses its color and firmness, it’s a definite no-go.
  • Beware of mold: Any sign of mold or bacterial growth means it’s time to part ways with your sausages.

Don’t ignore cracks and dryness: If your cooked sausage starts to crack or dry out, it’s lost its moisture and is no longer fresh enough to eat.

How To Store Sausages Properly?

Here’s the scoop. Keep all sausages in the fridge or freezer (except dry sausage). Fresh, uncooked sausages can be stored in the fridge for 1-2 days. Once cooked, you can keep them refrigerated for 3-4 days. And if you have hard or dry sausages like pepperoni or Genoa salami, they can be stored in the fridge indefinitely or up to 6 weeks in the pantry if unopened. Just remember, once opened, refrigerate them for 3 weeks. Easy peasy”

What Can You Do With Leftover Sausage?

What Can You Do With Leftover Sausage?

Got some leftover sausages in the fridge? Here are a few ideas to put them to good use:

  • Slice and fry: Cut your sausages into slices and fry them with some onions and peppers for a quick breakfast or dinner.
  • Add to soups or stews: Sausages can add great flavor and protein to soups and stews. Just slice them up and throw them in during the last few minutes of cooking.
  • Make a sausage pizza: Craving some homemade pizza? Top your dough with sliced cooked sausages and your favorite cheese for a tasty dinner option.
  • Grill it up: If you have leftover bratwurst or chorizo, heat them up on the grill for a quick lunch or snack.

FAQ: Sausages

Can you reheat cooked sausages?

No worries, you totally can. The microwave or hob are your best options. Here’s a tip: try cutting them in half lengthwise before reheating to make sure they heat up evenly and stay juicy. No more burnt or dried out sausages for you.

How long is Jimmy Dean sausage good for in the fridge?

Well, fresh or breakfast sausage should be used within 3-5 days of the “sell by” date. Kinda like any other fresh groceries that need to be refrigerated. If you wanna keep ’em longer than that, just pop ’em in the freezer.

Is it OK for sausage to be a little pink?

When it comes to sausage patties, it’s important to cook them until they reach an internal temperature of 160°F (71°C) to make sure they’re safe to munch on. Unlike beef burgers, you don’t want any pink in your ground pork or other pork products because it can put you at risk of getting sick. So, make sure that sausage is cooked all the way through.

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