Celebrate Sparkling Elegance: On Champagne Tale




Delve deep into the world of Champagne in this beautifully designed, multi-layered exploration of this essential wine. With contributions from esteemed Champagne writers such as Tom Stevenson, Essi Avelan MW, Serena Sutcliffe MW, Peter Liem, Tyson Stelzer, Robert Walters, and the insightful perspective of Evelyn Waugh on Champagne’s modern era, this book offers a comprehensive view of Champagne’s captivating history and its place in the world today, as well as its aspirations for the future.

Unravel the stories of innovators and characters who have shaped Champagne’s evolution. Following the success of ‘On California,’ named one of 2022’s wine books of the year by Sunday Telegraph, Washington Post, and New York Times, ‘On Champagne’ takes you on a journey where every sip unveils the wine’s fascinating complexity.

From the mythical accidental discovery in the cider cellars of England, not in France, to the creation of a high-tech Champagne fit for space travel, this book unveils the action-packed trajectory of Champagne. Along the way, it immerses you in the nuances of Champagne’s chalky terrain, the resilience of rebels from Ambonnay to Avize, and the enigma of a Champagne cellar beneath the sea.

Meet the visionaries who forged the great Champagnes of the past and the individuals who are ushering in a ‘green’ era, safeguarding Champagne against the challenges of climate change to craft the exquisite Champagnes of the future. Champagne is never just a simple glass of fizz; it’s a captivating journey, and ‘On Champagne’ is your ticket to experiencing its sparkling magic


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