Pop the Bubbly: Explore 50+ Joyful Cocktail Recipes with Sparkling Wines 🎉




Add a touch of effervescence to your life with Let’s Get Fizzical, the ultimate cocktail recipe book. Featuring a delightful collection of over 50 tantalizing drinks crafted from Champagne, Prosecco, Sekt, Cava, and other sparkling wines.

Indulge in classic cocktail recipes like bellinis and mimosas, or explore exciting variations that promise to tantalize your taste buds. This book offers valuable tips, presentation ideas, and technical insights to make your cocktails visually stunning and delectable.

Pop open those bottles and dive in to uncover:

🍹 Over 50 cocktail recipes, including imaginative twists on classics. 🥂 A Beginner’s Guide to Bubbles chapter, offering essential knowledge and fun facts about sparkling drinks. 📖 Explanations of key terms every sparkling wine enthusiast should know. 🍸 “Lose the booze” options for non-alcoholic days.

The introductory chapter, ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Bubbles,’ helps you differentiate between sparkling wines. ‘Know Your Fizz’ provides insights into your favorite bubbles, whether they’re budget-friendly Cava or luxurious Champagne.

‘Get The Party Started’ equips you with mixing skills to impress your guests, from cocktail shaking techniques to choosing the perfect glassware.

Discover everything about fizz, including insider tips to maintain those delightful bubbles.

As you journey through the recipe-packed remainder of the book, master classics like the Aperol Spritz and French 75. Experiment with creative reinventions and original cocktail recipes to make every drink special.

And for those days when you want a break from alcohol, many recipes offer a ‘lose the booze’ option with all the flavor and none of the hangover!

This Valentine’s Day, add a sparkling touch to your celebration by impressing your partner with homemade bubbly beverages, fresh, fizzy, and bursting with flavor.

Whether it’s Champagne or Prosecco, wow your guests and make every drink a celebration with Let’s Get Fizzical.

If you adore Let’s Get Fizzical, don’t miss Let’s Get Tropical, a captivating collection of classic cocktail recipes for the ultimate summer cocktail party!

Cheers to unforgettable moments!


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